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ПЛАЙТЕРРА Трудногорючая фанера от производителя Plyguard

The Plywood Plant "Vlast Truda" (Nizhny Lomov) is a major plywood manufacturer in Volga Region. and the oldest in Russia. Today, due to the long-term cooperation with Moscow State University of Forestry, the introduction of the scientific findings and a systematic market research the Plywood Plant "Vlast Truda" has a sufficient potential to manufacture unique products for both the domestic and overseas markets.  The major products are fire-retardant, fire-resistant and vibration-absorbing types of plywood. The high quality and unique characteristics of the plywood manufactured by the plant are sought after in many fields, and are in a particular demand in the railroad coach building industry.  

Both a wide range of products and the introduction of innovation manufacturing techniques provide a basis for a high reputation of the Plywood Plant "Vlast Truda" on the Russian market and enjoy a good   image of a major local supplier.  Its products are well-known in the USA, Italy,Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Estonia,Egypt, Libya, which jointly form the market for over 70% of the plant's export output.   The plant is developing the Asian market as well. The Plywood Plant "Vlast Truda" CJSC is a major payer to the local budgetary and extra-budgetary funds.

To meet the current market demands the plant management places an emphasis on total modernization and re-equipment of the manufacture with imported high-tech facilities which will provide a basis for introduction of advanced technologies and environment-friendly processes. Due to its extensive transportation links the Plywood Plant "Vlast Truda" always meets the delivery dates, and by strict observance of its contractual obligations it has built up a fair reputation as a reliable business partner.   

Furthermore, the plant makes voluntary contributions to schools, hospitals, cultural institutions, sports organizations, and the church. For his philanthropic and charity activities the Director General has been awarded with The Sergey Radonezhsky Order and Honorary Letters from the Governor and the Regional Administration.


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