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Curved plywood for furniture applications (bed slats)

ПЛАЙТЕРРА Трудногорючая фанера от производителя Plyguard

Radius 4000, 8000
length from 415 to 1425
width from 25 to 170
thickness from 8,10,12

Curved glued plywood furniture parts (bed slats) 

This product is intended for application in furniture industry. The curved furniture parts are made from hardwood veneer sheets glued with low-toxicity urea-formaldehyde adhesives. Curved furniture parts may be coated with resin, decoration paper or other materials. The product may be manufactured, on a customers request, either with surface sanded or without any surface finishing. The long edge of the parts is a little rounded. Curved furniture parts of our production have all the necessary certificates, documentation for production and appication.          

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